Asylum Sneakers
Founded in Manchester, the heritage footwear mecca of the UK, Asylum Sneakers was born out of a passion for disruption. Asylum Sneakers breaks down the barriers of predictability and challenges the perceptions that embodies modern day sneaker culture, bringing communities together through original footwear. Asylum Sneakers is the brand for the streets, terraces, festivals, and clubs. Asylum Sneakers are for the outcasts, the misfits and the misunderstood. We pay homage to the classics of the past and push the boundaries of tomorrow. Together, we are Asylum Sneakers, Sneakers with social purpose.
The Team
With over 30 years’ experience within the fashion, music and creative industries working across high profile brands and campaigns including Puma, Adidas, YEEZY, Size, JD, the Warehouse project and Manchester City FC. “Over the years we have seen how the power of fashion, music and creativity can create powerful movements in society. We want to use our years of skills and experience to build a brand that can create a movement for good, for change, for empowerment. The Asylum Sneakers movement will enable us to not only create original footwear, but also give something back to individuals and communities that are struggling and need to feel a sense of belonging. Together, we are Asylum Sneakers.”